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Loveland Academy of Music is a home-grown community music school in Loveland, Colorado.  We offer quality music training to all ages, in a way that makes your experience truly unique and enjoyable.  Each lesson is personalized to meet YOUR goals.  You can learn the music you love, while mastering the basics of music theory, ear training, improvisation, sight reading, performance skills, and more!

Relationships are a key factor in learning music.  We choose our instructors carefully, selecting those who are both experts in their field AND have warm personalities.  They are patient and encouraging, and will support you in your dreams.  We believe that a great teacher is also a great mentor and role model.  We’ll get to know you personally, and help you use your passions to create music to share with your world!


The Story:

What began as a one room piano studio in 2001 has grown into the largest music school in Loveland.  Loveland Academy of Music now offers lessons at its new location of 1355 Cleveland Avenue, Loveland CO 80537, at the intersection of Eisenhower and Cleveland.

Director Karen Suedmeier is a Loveland native.  She started the Academy as a home piano studio in 2001, and it has steadily grown since then.  In fact, the Academy has grown by over 600% since December 2013, with over 375 students now taking weekly lessons at the school.

Suedmeier was born, raised, and homeschooled in Loveland.  When she started teaching piano lessons in her home studio in 2001, she had no intention of owning a large music school.  In fact, she didn’t feel that her musical training would ever grow into a full-time career.  Her goal was just to provide a positive, fun experience for her students, and to change the way people thought of piano lessons.  Over the next ten years, she worked two to three jobs at a time, teaching music on the side while also working in such capacities as server, church pianist, restaurant manager, and secretary.  In 2011, the home studio had grown to the point that she needed to quit all of her other jobs, and in 2013, she moved the Academy to a 3-room commercial location and started offering lessons on other instruments.  Today, they are located at 1355 Cleveland Avenue with 9 music studios and a comfortable lobby.  The Academy boasts over 375 weekly lessons taught, over 25 teachers, and strives to be the happiest school on earth.  “It’s been a wild ride”, Suedmeier says.  “We are so blessed.  We have the best jobs in the world, to be able to make music with our community every day!”

Besides music, Suedmeier’s other passion is being outdoors.  She and her husband Dean are avid hikers, and they take several extended backpacking trips each year.  “There is nothing better than to be out in nature for days and weeks at a time, enjoying rainstorms and bugs and sunrises!”

There are a lot of music schools in the Loveland area, but LAM staff have worked hard to create a unique, personalized experience for music students.

“I meet far too many adults who regret quitting music lessons when they were younger, but hated practicing.  I’m out to change that for the next generation.  Our students love to practice and perform.  Our goal is to give students a quality, well-rounded music education while playing the songs they love.  Whether you enjoy Vivaldi, the Beatles, Katy Perry, or Tech N9ne, we work with you to accomplish your goals.

 “Loveland Academy of Music offers the convenience of piano, guitar, drums, bass, voice, and ukulele lessons, all in one location. Whether you are a senior, business professional, student, or parent, we can help you meet your personal goals.”


Loveland Academy of Music LLC

Our Core Values

Excellence: We strive to provide the highest quality music education to our students and our community.  Our goal is to promote and foster a LOVE of music in every student, no matter what their skill level is.

Joy: Music is a communication tool to share our heart with our community.  Music is full of passion and life!  We seek to bring the joy of music to every lesson, and every practice session.  Our goal is to be the happiest school on earth!

Integrity: Relationships are the very core of our success.  We build relationships by demonstrating honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical and moral standards.  We care deeply about every student and their family.  We’ll greet you by name, and get to know you on a personal level to give you the best education possible.

Customer Service: We seek to develop relationships by communicating clearly, honestly, and frequently.  We consistently simplify and improve our processes to provide you with great customer service and an enjoyable experience.

Teamwork: We promote excellence in our team members, and seek to be a healthy and happy workplace.  Our staff members pursue continued education and self-improvement.  Creativity, opportunity, respect, diversity, and a strong sense of purpose are critical components of a strong music school.

Community and environment: Our goal is to build and support our community where we live and work. We are involved in community activities in meaningful ways, and seek to serve those around us.  We care about our environment, and work to be leaders in sustainable living.  Step by step, we’re pouring our heart into our community!


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